Start your next project with Weyerhaeuser TimberStrand LSL Premium Wall Framing

Framing solutions made from TimberStrand LSL allow you to leverage all the benefits of LSL to a stable and consistent end result. TimberStrand LSL is straight, free of knots, and resist twisting, shrinking and bowing after installation. TimberStrand LSL is available in framing lumber, sill plate, framing for tall walls, headers and floor joists. Perfect for any application that requires long lengths, and stability, where strength and performance is essential.

TimberStrand® LSL Wall Framing & Studs 

We provide engineering support, through our dealers, that can take the guesswork out of building walls.

TimberStrand® LSL Headers

TimberStrand® LSL Headers are designed for short span applications.

TimberStrand® LSL Floor Joists

TimberStrand LSL is an ideal solution, providing an alternative to solid sawn floor joists.

TimberStrand® LSL Sill Plates

TimberStrand LSL treated sill plates are long and straight so walls get off to a square start. 

TimberStrand® LSL Roof Framing

As roof design gets more complex — with longer rafters and multiple peaks — you can be confident.

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