IKO Roofing Products
• IKO Marathon 3-Tab
Charcoal Grey, Weatherwood, Driftwood,
Dual Black, Dual Grey, Earthtone Cedar
and Harvard Slate
• IKO Cambridge Architectural Shingles
Limited Lifetime Warranty
Charcoal Grey, Weatherwood, Driftwood,
Dual Black, Dual Grey, Earthtone Cedar
and Harvard Slate

Related Items
• Roofing Felt – 15#
• Grace Ice & Water Shield 3X36′ & 3X66′ Rolls
• Ice & Water Guard HT
• Protecto Wrap Jiffy Seal® 36 ” x 66′ Rolls
• Plastic Roof Cement – 1 Gallon
• Karnak 19AF Flashing Cement – 1 Gallon
• IKO Roof Fast Black Roofing
• IKO Roof Fast Base Sheet
• IKO ArmourGard Ice & Water 36″x65′
• RoofTopGuard II  High Performance Roof Underlayment 5′ x 200′ roll
• Rhino Roof Roll Underlayment 10 sq ft

Metal DripEdge – 5 & 8″
• Galvanized – 8″ only
• White & Aluminum – 5″ and 8″
• Brown – 8″ only

Ridge Vent
• Omni Ridgevent 4″
• CobraVent 20′

Metal Flashing
• Aluminum – 6,8,10,12″ Roll or LFT
• White – 8,12 & 24″ Roll or LFT
• Lead – 6,8, & 12″ – Roll or LFT
• Aluminum & Copper Step Flashing – 5×7
• Aluminum Step Flashing – 8″ x 10′
• 5×7 Pre-Bent Aluminum

Special Orders
Metal Roofing available for special order only. Please inquire at our Lumber Yard

Grace manufactures a line of products designed to deter ice, snow, and water, especially around the most vunerable areas such as windows and doors, decks, and roofs.

RoofTopGuard II is the high-tech, high-performance new generation of roof underlayment. Its 5-layer polypropylene/polyethylene construction results in high strength, low weight, unmatched tear resistance and long life that simply blows away the competition.

Since 1946, Union Corrugating has been a leading metal roofing manufacturer, providing metal roofing products and wall systems for residential and commercial buildings. We continually strive to make commercial and residential metal roofing products that’s more durable, beautiful, and energy efficient… metal roofs that save you money while protecting the environment.

American Building Components
American Building Components is a quality manufacturer of metal roofing and wall panels for the residential and pole building markets most commonly used for agricultural, industrial and light commercial uses.

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