The COVID-19 Virus has shaken our world. We are in unchartered territory. For the residential roofing professional, social distancing is making in-person presentations and consultations with homeowners for roofing projects challenging, unwanted or impossible. Air Vent Inc. has three tips that can help you stay connected with your homeowner clients while keeping health and safety the top priority.


  • Use the video clips on their website to help explain the need for attic ventilation and how best to go about it. The videos are short and easy to understand; like this one explaining how attic ventilation provides year-round benefits summer through winter.  You can direct your clients to our website, share the videos with them, or watch them “together” in a virtual meeting. Which brings us our next tip…
  • Embrace video technology available today, including Facebook Live, FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, etc. Many of your clients are likely using some of these tools already in other areas of their lives. Ask if you can “meet” with them to discuss what they watched in the attic ventilation video and what they noticed inside the attic. And that’s our third tip…
  • Doing an attic inspection is a key way to uncover potential problems unknown without investigation. Unfortunately, going inside a homeowner’s attic during this COVID-19 pandemic is likely not possible, but the homeowner can. Here’s a very basic Homeowner Self-Help Attic Inspection Checklist you can give to your clients. Recommend that they eyeball the intake vents for anything that might be blocking the airflow. Ask them to check for any signs of excess moisture that may have discolored the underside of the roof deck or compacted the attic insulation. Then discuss what they found together in phone call, video chat or virtual meeting. They can even take a few photos with their phone and share them with you.

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