PJ Currier Assists the Souhegan Robotics Team
Below is a letter from Bill Price to Charlie Desmarais at P.J. Currier Lumber thanking PJCLBR for their help in constructing the plywood targets the Souhegan Robotics Team used in their recent competition at the Shrewsbury Robotics competition: 

To Charlie, 

Just wanted to thank you again for all of your help. Without these field elements there is no way we could compete. The Shrewsbury robotics competition was a real test as we had some real connectivity problems during the first three matches which limited our performance. At one point on Saturday they were in last place. Finally got everything to work as it should and by the end of the qualifications rounds they moved from 39th up to 14th. I was really proud as they never gave up and kept fighting. They played the first place alliance in the quarterfinals and almost beat them. Good group of kids this year. We will still compete at WPI in a month or so and they have all signed up for that as well even the seniors. Thanks again for all you do.

Take Care
Bill Price
Credit Manager & IT Coordinator
Yankee Magazine & The Old Farmer’s Almanac

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