It’s a new year and Therma-Tru is rolling out their 2021 collection of innovative products to meet your needs for functionality, durability and design. These products are categorized into three style trends: Refined Simplicity, Modern View & Eased Elegance. Keep reading to learn more about each style and the quality doors that are featured this year. We’re proud to sell Therma-Tru doors and encourage you to reach out if you’re interested in their new collection. 

Refined Simplicity

The Refined Simplicity style is for anyone who sees their home as a haven with minimalist aesthetics. Often inspired by American Farmhouse, Japanese and Scandinavian influences, this trend transforms your space into a calm and comforting oasis. The new products that complement Refined Simplicity are created with natural materials, surrounded by refined textures, and include geometric accents. Click here to view the featured doors that fit this streamlined, tranquil and purposeful trend.

Modern View

A Modern View home embraces seamless multidimensional spaces with windows and outdoor openings growing larger. Drawing inspiration from Art Deco details as well as a blend of Mid-Century Modern and new century styles, a balance is created between past designs and a comfortable and livable space. Therma Tru’s products for the new year that embody this style have linear design elements, evoke softer statements and feature textural interest. Click here to browse the seamless collection where livable luxe meets retro revival.

Eased Elegance

The final trend of 2021 is all about tradition. Those who prefer Eased Elegance are rooted in historic origins and architecture. These homes reinvent heritage with classic trends of the past that are updated to create a traditional design for today’s modern consumer. The products that feature this inviting aesthetic incorporate grand arches, relaxed design cues and of course historic origins. Take a look here at the doors that are a triple threat of classical, tailored and inviting.

Therma-Tru is known for their expertise in creating first impressions for your home. Every entryway they make is expertly crafted to meet your current design and lifestyle trends. If your style is Refined Simplicity, Modern View or Eased Elegance, they have the perfect doors for you to make that statement and make you feel at home. Contact us to learn more about Therma-Tru and open the door to your dream home.

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