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TimberTech AZEK Decking
TimberTech AZEK Decking offers a pleasing palette of shades that complement the most popular siding colors. Many of these tried and true decking colors helped establish AZEK’s unquestioned reputation for superior innovation and quality.

Refining and redefining what decking means, AZEK Deck boards have been engineered to withstand the everyday things that happen on a deck. Spilled wine, fruit punch, and hamburger grease are no match for AZEK Deck’s stain resistance. And, since AZEK Decks are scratch resistant, you won’t have to worry about marks from patio furniture or pets.

Stocked Sizes and Colors:
TimberTech AZEK- Harvest Collection:
• 5/4 x 6″ x 12′, 16′, 20′ Brownstone, Square Edge
• 5/4 x 6″ x 12′, 16′, 20′ Slate Gray, Square Edge

TimberTech AZEK- Vintage Collection:
• 5/4×6″x12′, 16′, 20′ Mahogany, Square Edge

TimberTech AZEK Railing- Premier Collection:
• 6′ and 8′ Rail Kits
• 39″ sleeves 4×4
• 8′ sleeves 4×4

Many more colors available by special order,
delivery within a week.

Please inquire at our Lumberyard.

RDI Transform Railing
Transform, RDI’s resin based, 100% acrylic, state of the art Resalite™ core contains no wood! Transform has the look and feel of a wood railing- without the hassles of wood. Resalite won’t absorb water so it resists rot, weathering, discoloration, and sagging. Transform Presence Top Rail is in stock at our Lumberyard.

Stocked Sizes Include:
• 6’x36″ White Transform Rail Kit
• 8’x36″ White Transform Rail Kit
• 6’x36″ White Transform Stair Kit
• 6′ White Presence Top Rail
• 8′ White Presence Top Rail

• 5″x5″x39″ White Post Sleeve
• 5″x5″x120″ White Post Sleeve
• 5″x5″ White Post Top Cap
• 5″x5″ White Post Base Trim
• Transform Brackets

Prestige Premium STK Cedar Decking
When considering the Life Cycle Assessment of Prestige STK Cedar Decking, it substantially outperforms man-made products. However, unlike Inland Red Cedar which is a sub-species of Western Red Cedar, Coastal Western Red Cedar from Coastal British Columbia has inherent characteristics that deliver enhanced longevity and durability over inland cedar products.

• Long length 5/4 x 6 Prestige premium knotty decking is available in 8′ – 20′ even lengths.

• Prestige premium 100% sound tight knot decking is kiln dried to average moisture content of 19%.

• Prestige lies flat, stays straight, has minimal shrinkage and holds fasteners exceptionally well.

• Prestige premium knotty decking can be stained or left to weather to a beautiful natural silver color.

Stocked Sizes Include:
• 5/4x6x8
• 5/4x6x10
• 5/4x6x12
• 5/4x6x14
• 5/4x6x16
• 2x4x8
• 2x4x12
• 2x6x8
• 2x6x12
• 2x8x8
• 2x8x12

• 4x4x8 STK Red Cedar S4S
• 4x4x10 STK Red Cedar S4S
•2x2x36 Baluster


Western Red Cedar C&BTR:
• 2×4 C&BTR S4S
• 2×6 C&BTR S4S
• 4×4 AYE & BTR S4S
• 2x2x36 Baluster

Meranti (Philippine Mahogany) Decking

We stock the following sizes:
• 1×4 S4S Random Lengths
• 5/4×6 – Random Lengths

Other sizes:
2x4x8′ – 2x4x12′
4x4x5′ – 4x4x8′

2x2x36 Square Baluster

Top Rail 8′ & 12′
Bottom Rail 8′ & 12′

MicroPro™ Pressure Treated Wood
MicroPro technology is a revolutionary way to pressure treat wood for decks, fences, landscaping, and general construction uses. MicroPro technology offers many benefits, including significantly improved corrosion performance. MicroPro/SmartSense pressure treated wood with the MicroPro technology exhibits corrosion rate on metal products similar to CCA pressure treated wood and untreated wood.

MicroPro/Smart Sense pressure treated wood products are protected from termites and fungal decay and are backed by an Osmose Residential and Argicultural Limited Warranty Program.

EPP (Environmentally Preferable Product)

Highlights and Benefits
First Wood Preservative to Receive EPP Status – The Osmose MicroPro technology is the first wood preservative to be EPP (Environmentally Preferable Product) certified by Scientific Certification Systems.

Reduced Energy Use – The Osmose MicroPro preservative system reduces total energy use by approximately 80% and greatly reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

No Environmental Impacts from Copper – The copper in wood products treated with the Osmose MicroPro preservative system bonds readily to organic matter in the soil. Result: the copper becomes biologically inactive, thus causing no eco-toxic or other environmental impacts.

Largely Eliminates Copper Releases – Wood products treated with the Osmose MicroPro preservative system result in the release of 90% to 99% less copper into aquatic and terrestrial environments when compared to standard treated wood products.

We stock the following sizes:
• 1x4x12
• 1x8x12
• 5/4x6x8, 10, 12, 14, 16
• 2x4x8, 10,12,14,16
• 2x6x8, 10, 12, 14, 16
• 2x8x8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 20
• 2x10x8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 20
• 2x12x8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 20
• 4x4x8, 10, 12
• 4x6x8, 10, 12
• 6x6x8, 10, 12, 16



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